Commander Malcolm Washburne

This week Universal Cartographics speaks with explorer and bounty hunter CMDR Malcolm Washburne from Na’Ama Wing Deep Space Exploration and Logistics.

UC: So, what first got you into exploring Commander?

MW: That would be my old friend Darius Torkalar. He decided to head out to EOR AUDST in search of black holes and invited me to join him. It turns out that I am as easily distracted by black holes, neutron stars and other stellar phenomena as I am by Unidentified Signal Sources, hence my current status of: “On my way Darius!”

UC: What is your favourite exploration ship and why?

MW: Cobra Mk III. Because it’s the best ship. Ever. Because I said. 

UC: What is you best discovery so far?

MW: There’s a drinks holder in my pilot’s seat. I had no idea!

UC: Where are you currently?

MW: HIP 81078, scanning this twin Neutron Star system. It’s heavy going.

The low down


CMDR Mal Wasburne

Home Base:

Melbourne Park, Alioth

Ship Name:


Vessel Type:


Best Discovery:

A new bar in Melbourne Park