Elite: Dangerous 1.4 – CQC Has Arrived!

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Frontier Developments has recently released the latest version of Elite: Dangerous, version 1.4, which brings a host of new and exciting features to the ED galaxy, including several new ships and a new game mode known as CQC, or Close Quarters Combat. New ships added to 1.4 are the Federal Gunship, the Imperial Eagle and the Federal Assault Ship.

“The Close Quarter Combat (CQC) Championships are the ultimate 34th century gladiatorial contest between Elite Dangerous pilots. CQC thrusts players into intense PVP action within the Elite Dangerous galaxy. Equip your spacecraft with a unique loadout and compete in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Capture The Flag gametypes in custom-built arenas, supporting up to twelve players at launch. Intense PVP asction has come to Elite Dangerous galaxy on all platforms in the CQC Championships, available now on PC, Mac and Xbox One.”

The latest update also includes some enhancements to the mission system, a slight buff to mining, the chance to legally salvage certain items found in deep space and several performance and optimization tweaks. And last but not least 1.4 also brings with it the release of ED on the XBox Console.

The next big release, planned for late this year (2015) is the hottly anticipated ‘Horizons’ update, the first of the major paid expansions, that promises to bring a whole massive fat wad of eagerly awaited content including planetary landing, multi crew capability and even more new ships! Stay tuned for more info on Horizons as we get it from FD!