Elite: Dangerous Horizons

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Season 2 of Elite: Dangerous is here! Elite: Dangerous Horizons offers a whole host of new features to the Elite galaxy, not least of which is the ability to now land on airless planets. This brings with it a whole new dimension of game play for explorers who can now get up close and personal with many of the planets they discover, land on them and then explore the surface using an SRV (or buggy).

Other new features in Horizons are several new ships including the Federal Corvette, the Imperial Cutter, the Asp Scout, the Cobra MKIV and the Viper MKIV. The Asp Scout promises to be an affordable bridge between the Diamondback Explorer and the Asp Explorer and shares much of the Asp Explorers airframe. We’ll be doing a review of the Asp Scout in the coming weeks.

Missions have also been given an overhaul to include planetary based deliveries and courier missions etc as well as some other new mission types, such as holding onto cargo or data for a set period of time, or taking an SRV to disable a communications terminal known as a ‘Data Link Terminal’, disrupting the surface base or starport.

As the season progresses Frontier have hinted at different types of SRV being added to compliment the Scarab. Crafting and Looting will also be coming later in 2016 along with the ability (finally!) to create a unique custom avatar for your Elite: Dangerous Commander.

Elite: Dangerous Horizons promises to be pretty cool but the one thing that has peaked the interest of explorers especially is what the great bearded oracle himself mentioned in a recent newsletter…

Putting on my story hat for a moment the sharp eyed amongst you have noticed a story in GalNet about ‘The Missing’. In brief The Missing is an encompassing term for everyone who has disappeared without trace in deep space. This includes colonists on the ancient generation ships, lost colonies, disappeared scientific expeditions and a host of others. Some will know from our timeline that many thousands of ‘generation ships’ left the safety of Earth beginning in the 24th century onwards, and headed out into what was then largely unknown – with just some data from probes to guide them. The process was completely unregulated, and many were not as well prepared as they should have been. In those days when faster-than-light communication didn’t exist, many of these potential settlers faced terrible risks alone, travelling thousands of light years into the black, not unlike the wagon trains that set out across continental US in the 18th and 19th centuries before them. Not all were successful at founding new worlds. Most were not. Some managed to return with tails of their adventures. Some were lost in deep space, the dead hulk of their ship carrying on an almost endless trajectory ever deeper into space. Others managed to land and survived for many decades before being overtaken by some local disaster. Some may still be alive, just restricted to low power light speed communications, or no comms at all, as their equipment has failed over the centuries in between. We say they have disappeared without trace, but just maybe some will find some traces of them that are still out there…

The plight of The Missing is just one of the things that will become more prominent over the coming year and the Commanders of the Pilots Federation will be pivotal in solving these mysteries. You can expect more news on this soon.