Elite Dangerous Power Play

Elite Dangerous Power Play Launches

Elite Dangerous Power Play, the much anticipated free release of version 1.3 went live today after just over a week of beta testing. The new version promises to bring political intrigue, espionage, deception and extra rewards for commanders wishing to pledge allegiance to one of the 10 galactic powers as well as the addition of 3 brand new vessels – The Imperial Courier, the DiamondBack Scout and the DiamondBack Explorer.

From Newsletter #72…

If you choose to participate in Powerplay, it will add a whole new dimension to Elite: Dangerous,” Lead Designer Sandro Sammarco says. “These powers have their own ethos and methods. How they take control of systems varies depending on whether they favour warlike or more pacifist methods. Some will conquer systems with economics, others by just sending in the troops. Either way, you can be part of that.”

Power Play promises to change the way many of us will play Elite: Dangerous and yet, if you are an explorer, you can still play the game the way you have been doing.

Of particular interest to explorers, however, is the new DiamondBack Explorer and the Universal Cartographics Beta team will be bringing you an indepth analysis of Lakon’s new ‘baby Asp” in the coming weeks.

Imperial Courier

The Imperial Courier

DiamondBack Scout

The DiamondBack Scout

DiamondBack Explorer

The DiamondBack Explorer

As well as 3 new ships and Power Play itself, version 1.3 brings a whole host of other refinements, tweaks, bug fixes and improvements to the Elite: Dangerous galaxy.

So congratulations to the team at Frontier Developments for another outstanding update!

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