Mysterious Non-Human Structures Found in Pleiades Nebula

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Galnet news reported earlier today that mysterious non-human structures have been found in the Pleiades nebula. These structures, dubbed ‘Barnacles’ by explorers, have so far been found in the Merope system and the nearby system of Pleiades Sector JC-U B3-2 in a huge crater on the 2nd planet. The first barnacle site was discovered by CMDR Octo on Merope 5c, a small rocky world orbiting a class Y Dwarf earlier yesterday. Another site, discovered by CMDR Malcolm Washburne on the 2nd planet of the Pleiades Sector JC-U B3-2 system yielded 4 additional barnacle sites along with numerous sighting on the first planet.

These sites seem to consist of a central structure, the barnacle, surrounded by several spires that appear at first glance to be metallic stalagmites. These large pointed structures seem to be growing some kind of glowing green ‘buds’, the largest of which appear to emit a strange gaseous cloud that periodically changes colour. These clouds are said to very closely resemble the emission clouds given off by Unknown Artifacts. It also seems that the source of the recently discovered meta-Alloys appears to be the green ‘buds’ on the spires.

CMDR Darius Torkalar, part of CMDR Washburne’s exploration group on JC-U B3-2 2, took this recording of eerie noises heard around these barnacle sites. His recording device malfunctioned shortly after this was taken…

So far nobody knows what these strange things are but scientists from the Canonn Interstellar Research Group are gearing up to take delivery of a number of Meta-Alloys harvested from various sites to begin studying them further as well as sending many of their top minds out to survey these sites first hand.

Many have speculated there is a connection between these newly found barnacles and the unknown articles that have been discovered in a shell around the Merope system and a possible connection to the long since departed Thargoids. Other have said that these barnacles should be left alone and have threatened to kill anyone disturbing these sites.

One thing is for sure – the finest minds of the Canonn Interstellar Research Group have their work cut out for them with this puzzle.

Universal Cartographics will bring you more news on these barnacles as we get it.

Until then… fly safe Commander!